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Does Domestic Assault Have Any Special Consequences For Immigrants?

Domestic assault is a special crime that immigration courts frequently use to remove people from the United States. It is not considered a crime related or aggravated felony, but it is definitely a crime involving moral turpitude especially if someone does it to their spouse. It used to be a crime of violence which would by itself get a person deported, but that recently changed simply because not every assault is a battery. They will deport the offender if they can prove that an assault is a battery or that battery has occurred to a spouse. Immigrants should be very concerned about any kind of domestic violence or anything beyond simple assault, because it can be much worse for them than it would be for the general public at large.

Would Getting Into A Violent Assault Jeopardize My Chances Of Remaining In The Country?

A simple assault will usually not stop a person from remaining in the country, becoming a resident or later becoming a citizen. Anything beyond that, including use of a weapon or use of any sort of craftiness to assault someone like poisoning them or hitting them with a car, trying to maim them or having any sort of malice when they hurt the person, all of these things would definitely harm their chances a great deal but a simple assault would probably not. A good immigration attorney could get around simple assault and so could a good criminal defense attorney.

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