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Is An Out Of State Concealed Weapon Permit Valid In Virginia?

Yes! In many cases.  Up until January of this year, the State of Virginia would recognize any other state’s concealed carry permit as if it were a concealed carry permit in the State of Virginia. In this particular year, our new governor decided that he is an antigun advocate and he decided that they were not going to permit any concealed carry permits which were not at least as restrictive as Virginia’s concealed carry permits. So now there are at least twenty -five different states all of a sudden were not authorized to carry. In January, our Virginia State Governor, for political reasons, which are similar to the antigun perspective that he holds, made it tougher in Virginia to get concealed carry permits.

He also made it tougher for people from outside the state to use their weapons here made it illegal for a person with a valid Virginia State concealed carry permit to bring those into certain state buildings. That mirrors what President Obama did for federal buildings because of political reasons and obviously in the country. There is a political back and forth about gun rights or not gun rights.  I happen to be a proponent of more liberal gun laws and I think guns save lives but that is only my view. He is entitled to his.  He did not get to where he is because of his views. I just do not think that was right. That is why the State of Virginia now has twenty-five different states which their concealed carry permits are not recognized here like they used to be.

Problems Arising Due To Non-Recognition of Twenty-Five States’ Concealed Carry Permits

For Virginia residents, it is the same as it has been all along.  For Virginia people, I do not know that a lot has changed unless, of course, they are just complaining that other states should be able to put whatever kind of restrictions they want and we should recognize that those states are smart enough to regulate their guns. The issue on the whole is that a person who is from outside the state must apply for a non-Virginia resident concealed carry permit and you can get that. It is one extra step and so people are not going to be able to pass through and have their guns concealed.

Now, you can still have your gun open and obvious if you are from outside the state, so a person from Maryland could carry his gun open and obvious even though he does not have a concealed carry permit from Maryland or a non-resident concealed carry permit in Virginia.  Just do not hold it in your hand and wave it around, not the smart thing to do.

Are Virginia Concealed Handgun Permits Issued to Non-Virginia Residents?

There is a process where a person from outside the state can get a special permit to carry concealed in Virginia and that application probably is going to ask them to provide their state’s proofs that they are a safe person. A criminal record background check from whatever state they reside in is going to satisfy the requirement but they do have a procedure where they can get it.

The Need For A Skilled Attorney To Handle Concealed Carry Cases

A skilled defense attorney is always advisable when you get charged with a crime, especially if it is a Class I misdemeanor or worse. When the prosecution or the police force has for whatever reason chosen to charge you with a crime for using your weapon that also is a very good time to get counsel because a good litigator can prevent you from being convicted.  If you get convicted while you have a concealed carry permit, you could lose your right to carry that concealed weapon. Someone who knows the inside and outs of a criminal case in a courtroom can really turn the tide for you.  People who carry guns are under attack these days. People who carry guns are wise to carry them and yet somehow the police seem to be on the offensive when it comes to that.

There are a number of things that can be done. One of them is to have counsel and the other one is to have insurance that can help you cover the expense of a defense if you get charged. If you happen to be one of the unlucky people who are either going to be a victim of a violent crime or use your weapon and then get charged with a crime, it is so much wiser to use your weapon and work out the rest later. It can be very expensive. It is very tragic and it is going to involve lawyers, financial burdens and all your friends and news media will report the story at any given cost to all victims involved. When you use your weapon to protect yourself, when you think you are using your weapon to protect yourself, you definitely need to be able to protect yourself after the fact in the legal arena too.  That is why it is important to have an attorney available to you right away. We do that kind of work here and will be happy to help people who are involved in that situation.

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