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Don’t Speak to Cops – I tell clients all the time that they should not talk to police. They should not consent to be searched and they should not agree that their personal property or home be searched.  I recall one time giving that advice to a client charged with DWI.  A couple months later, when he came back with another DWI charge, he told me how he had admitted to police that he had been drinking (but not driving).  I asked why he had spoken to police and he said “you meant that for this situation?” In that case, the police were able to prove he drove but not that he drank, except for the admission.  Guess where the admission came in.  Well, I continue to tell that advice.  If they know what to do, its a HUGE benefit.  If not; well . . .

I still get paid but the result is tougher on you.  So, to offer this advice in a more memorable way, I’ve included this video; a talk from a law school professor at my alma mater, Regent Law School.  Enjoy!

Geno Law Video – Click Here

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