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Suspended/Revoked Driver’s License

Driving with a Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License; Fairfax Lawyer Defends Clients with Aggressive Representation

In Virginia, a person can have his or her drivers license suspended because a DUI/DWI arrest or by compiling multiple traffic tickets for moving violations. If that person is caught driving with a suspended license, he’ll face stiff legal and financial consequences.

At Geno Law, we defend clients in Fairfax and throughout northern Virginia who have been charged with driving with a suspended drivers license. Our attorney, Brian Geno, has more than 20 years of experience protecting the rights and interests of clients. We provide service in both English and Spanish and will take the time to communicate clearly with you. Contact us online or call (703) 691- 4366 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Take This Opportunity to Defend Your Rights and Interests

You have one opportunity to defend your rights in these type of cases and there are generally a lot of mitigating factors the court will take into account. Don’t plead guilty or make any decisions about your defense before discussing your legal options with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Our firm will provide you with an aggressive and intelligent defense against charges of driving with a suspended drivers license that has your long-term interests in mind. We will explain the consequences you are facing and the potential financial fallout from fines, escalating insurance rates and expensive court ordered driving classes.

Geno Law- It’s the Right Place

If you have charged with driving with a suspended drivers license, contact us online or call (703) 691- 4366 to schedule a free initial consultation to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss the details of your case. Our office is open weekdays and conveniently located near the Fairfax County Courthouse. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.