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Trouble in Paradise

When life seems to dish generously, its always amazing to see someone abuse it. Take Mitchel Musso, the Disney Star from hit TV shows such as Hannah Montana, Pair of Kings and PrankStart. He was arrested October 16, 2011 for DWI. I’m not one to point fingers at someone for a DWI, but in his case, he has lead a remarkable career as a family oriented actor whose primary audience is children and young teens. So much for image, Right? What will Disney say? Let me guess!

In California, like Virginia where this humble author practices law, anything over 0.08% blood alcohol is generally enough for a drunk driving conviction. Purportedly, Musso’s was well over 0.08%. In this case, at 3:43 A.M. he failed to slow his 2007 Mercedes Benz for police who were directing traffic around an unrelated accident. As my Dad used to Say, “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.”

Now about that question, ” What will Disney say?” According to Ken Basin, a purported long time Disney insider, there are strict contracts that bind the stars, including moral clauses allowing Disney to release the star for anything that brings the company into a bad light. It may be in the contract but as a business proposition, there is a gigantic investment in stars like Musso making release of him a financial consideration rather than just an image problem for those fans.

So, what would Mitchel be looking at for a high blood alcohol content DWI? In Virginia, he would have a date with the State run Alcohol Safety Action Program (therapy and education to suit the government’s tastes), a fine of somewhere around $500, a mandatory jail sentence of 10 days and a loss of license (sometimes restricted if things work out well). My advice to Musso, get a good lawyer because out there in California, that seems to be the trick, a la Lindsay Lohan.

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