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Why Is Hiring An Attorney Crucial For A DUI Case?

A DWI case can be complicated. However, the client can certainly simplify the process by just pleading guilty and paying fines and costs. They would never be able to go back and fight for themselves once they had been convicted.

If they took their right to counsel seriously and took stock in a lawyer’s expertise, or if they thought about how little experience they actually have with DWI, then they would need to come to the following conclusion: they do not stand a good chance of defending themselves.

By saying the DWI is all about fines, the person is merely saying that they give up and do not think anyone can do them any good. This is just wrong, because attorneys win cases all the time. Many different DWI defenses can be used in a DWI case. Many technical and practical defenses exist. Often, a lot of government mistakes can cause people to win their cases.

Thusly, it is definitely not all about fines and costs, and it is definitely not about giving up. It is about seeing what someone can do to improve their chances of winning. There are differences between somebody who uses good counsel or a good lawyer, and someone who either does not use a good counsel or does nothing at all.

I would strongly disagree with the statement that it is all about fines, and I would not put my family members or important people in front of the court without representation.

Why Would It Be Worth Hiring An Attorney For A Second DUI If The First One Did Not Go Well?

A second DWI could turn out much worse than the first one. This is because the person continued the behavior that the court tried to curb the previous time. The court would think more poorly of the person than they did the last time.

Perhaps the first time the person lost, even when they were expecting to win. Perhaps they didn’t achieve good results because the lawyer didn’t operate well. Whatever the case, trying again could yield a better result.

Someone with exposure to the courts in the past should not expect it to be the same the next time around. They should not expect the same courtesy from the first time or any courtesy at all. Coming back to court means they are trouble again, and the courts will try to punish harder and more thoroughly to prevent that.

Would The Courts Think Someone Was Arrogant or Judge Him Unfairly If He Hired An Attorney?

Many people want to know if having a lawyer makes them look guiltier. The things that make people look guilty are getting arrested, losing their case, and getting punished. Other guilty things involve saying things that contribute to their own conviction.

On the other hand, a good lawyer would be well-known in the court system. The courts are made for lawyers. Every criminal case has a constitutional guarantee that states every person has the right to representation. The courts, the judges, and the prosecutors do not look down on people who do have lawyers. Rather, they look down on people who miss good opportunities, who come in alone, or who assume there is nothing they can do.

Having an attorney does not make the person look bad. It makes them look prepared and ready to fight. It looks like they have something to win, because they may have the right to win. However, this is a misconception that people bring up from time to time, and I tell them that it is a bad idea to go to court without a lawyer, especially when the courts are designed for lawyers to defend people.

Would Someone Achieve The Same Result As A Friend Who Had A DUI If He Said The Same Things?

Everyone likes to ask that question. Thusly, they believe if all things were equal, the result should be the same.

However, the law is more art than the science, meaning that it’s not 1 + 1 = 2, or A + B = C. These are always the same because certain rules apply to science.

There are variations on the theme in art, and court is like that too. There might be different judges and prosecutors with different moods. There might also be officers with their own take on the defendant and what should happen to him. Those things really make it almost impossible to say that the case was exactly the same as the prior person’s, worthy of the same results.

Some elements in the court system try to make it similar, like the sentencing guidelines. These are used in every state and in the federal system. They take common variables and put them in the system. When those variables appear in other people’s cases, they are supposed to have a somewhat similar result.

However, DWIs do not really lend themselves well to the sentencing guidelines. This is because many things that really affect a person do not show up on those guidelines. The judges often try to make them similar with similar results. A good lawyer will pitch his client’s special facts to that judge with the very intention of making this case different than the last one.

From my perspective, I would not be doing a good job if I ever asked the judge to give my client what he gave the previous person. I would argue for something better than what the other person got, and I would do everything I could to make the judge want to help the client. People cannot assume that this case is similar to any other case.

What Should Someone Ask A Family Friend Who Is An Attorney With Regards To DUI Cases?

If the person was trying to ask an attorney friend or relative to represent them, then they would probably need to find out if that person had done any DWI cases or any criminal litigation. They would probably want to know how long he had been practicing and if he was expected to do any criminal work in his firm.

Just being a lawyer would not make an attorney capable of this. It took me a number of years to do a competent job, even though I had all kinds of willingness and attitude about representing my client. I did not have the experience until a few years later. The client would need to find this out.

If the person was doing it for free or for a very low cost, then he would be like any other low cost or free lawyer. His time at work is his stock-in-trade, and he might resent the person for having to spend so much time on their case. The client should note if they should forego their friend and instead go to any other respected lawyer.

I have done work for people as a favor. Of course, an attorney would do their best to try to make sure that everything turned out well. However, when they are spending a good deal of time on something, they start to look at the clock a little bit and wonder how long the case would take. This is not the right thing for a lawyer to be thinking about.

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