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Client Testimonials

“I was only in Virginia a few weeks when I made the poor decision of driving after a few drinks. I got arrested and charged with a DWI for blowing a .08 at the Fairfax County jail. I left for Florida few days later because this is where I live and knew I needed to find a quality attorney to fight my case. After calling several attorneys I decided to go with Brian because I felt he was genuine with a fair price. Over the next few months Brian worked with me through email and over the phone to fight the case. After two trips back up to Virginia for court and an alcohol evaluation just two days before my last court date Brian helped me get the verdict I desired and avoid the dreadful DWI charge. I would definitely recommend Brian to anybody in the Virginia area.” – Scott

“Starting the whole process I was a little nervous, I talked to several lawyers and explained my story and what story I told police. After a few lawyers told me that with a accident involved it was more serious, more money!! Is what I heard, after Brian and i spoke i felt a lot better with my situation. Long story short 4 car accident with 3 cars totaled mine included. My fault, they took me to a clinic to pull blood and then to county holding cell. my blood was .13 we had a 3 month period before trial and I was prepared to serve 10 days ,asap class probably a fine and year suspension of drivers license. Trial date finally came and Brian was on time and already explained the game plan a 2 weeks before.. Brian and i watched a dui trial that was before mine and the poor guy got the book thrown at him, I was very nervous because my case was next and the judge didn’t seem like he was in the best of moods that day.. trial started 7 people took the stand,2 of the other drivers, doctors, the police officer. . Wow did they make me look bad, lying under oath and we could tell that the prosecuting attorney had them well ready to make it all stick.

Brian looked over at me during one of their testimonys and said are you ok? I probably looked sick because I wanted to puke; I just said things aren’t going so well. He smiled and said not to worry he still had something up his sleeve. He did make me feel very confident by objecting all the speculation. Fighting for me was a understatement. . After they called there last witness Brian turned into Jonny Cochran, and patience and timing turned the whole case around. Brians knowledge and preparation showed up big time, he asked the judge to look at a old case where they found out that iodine contained alcohol . The judge called for a recess to look at the case. 15 minutes later judge came out and said that was true. All there evidence was thrown out, the judge said that they couldn’t use that evidence against me and unless they had anything else i was not guilty of the charge. Justice was served that day, when I sit and think about it I am so glad i chose Brian, I never expected to have all charges dropped and me walk without any charges. . I never have seen anything that was so far one way and before I knew it Brian had brought it all the way back in my favor. Unreal. Victory loves preparation!!” – Ryan

“Brian Geno handled my criminal case with utmost competence, courtesy and empathy. His approach manners speak volumes of his professionalism and dedication to his trade. Mr. Geno is definitely knowledgeable of the law and the minute intricacies of the judicial system. Despite the unfavorable odds of my particular case, I was pleased with the positive (emphasis) outcome and overall, the way Mr. Geno handled the matter. Additionally, I am appreciative of the time Mr. Geno made available to answer questions, especially during a follow-up in the aftermath of my case.

In summary, I will certainly recommend Brian Geno and will retain his law services in case of any future, legal predicaments (pun intended).” – Lana

“As one of Brian Geno’s clients, I must say he is a very professional, friendly, and a very helpful lawyer.

He is very knowledgeable about all the legal advice, which in my case, DWI.

I will highly recommend this lawyer, because as a person I can see that he does genuinely care about his clients. You will never feel alone. He will guide you through the process. -And one thing I won’t forget, he will never fail to make you laugh. During this down time, he was my adviser, my friend, my hope. Brian, “Thank you!” as simple as it is but I meant it.” – Unita

“On March 11, 2013, I had a trial for a DWI. I was completely lost and frightened as to how the proceedings would go. After receiving several letters from attorneys willing to represent me, Brian Geno was recommended to me. I met with him, and was very impressed with his thorough information gathering for the critical details of the case. He worked with me to help me remember every detail possible to best represent me. The trial date came, and his understanding of the law and aggressive and professional courtroom manner successfully achieved our goal of having the case stricken from the record. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services. I can’t put into words how much my expectations were exceeded.” – Stephen

“First let me say, we consulted 6 attorneys before visiting Geno Law. Brian was exceedingly generous with his time and knowledge. Our situation was one that we thought was devastating, but when Brian broke it down for us, it turns out that while it is a big problem, we will be able to work through it on our own… no legal fees… no income for Brian… but yet he spent probably 2 hours giving us step by step instructions on how to solve the problem. We are taking his advice.” – Ricki

“When I went in to see Brian Geno I was perplexed and concerned about a potential tax issue. He explained the details and provided solid advice. I came into our appointment overly upset, and by the time I left I felt greatly relieved. I would highly recommend him. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a good sense of humor which always helps any situation.” – Lisa

“I called Mr. Geno for advice on an immigration issue. With no charge, and knowing he could not provide me with the services I needed personally, he took about 20 minutes to explain the overall process and what direction I might pursue. He was incredibly helpful to me.” – Kathy

“Brian Geno is an expert in his field. His professional approach to our situation was equaled only by his sincere desire to assist us in resolving them. He was quick to respond to and kept us informed throughout the process. I highly recommend him for any of your legal representation needs.” – Dan & Judy

“Mr. Geno is THE most well connected lawyer, he knew every single person in Fairfax Court – judges, prosecutors, officers.

I had +16 on my record and 1 more ticket would have suspended my license.

I contacted Mr. Geno after receiving three different tickets. Mr. Geno resolved all three cases without any additional points on my record (should have been another +8). I’m not sure how hence the title “A Miracle”, but I’m forever thankful.” – Marcelo

“I had a 3 charges altogether and had 3 different lawyers picked out. Fortunate to say, Geno saved my life and record. As soon as I walked into Geno’s office felt as if it was a safe choice. He kept me calm throughout the whole process and he kept great composure throughout the courts process. For a reasonable price with knowledgeable experience I would say Geno is the safest pick to represent you next.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Geno reviewed my case to determine the salient facts and prepared a suitable defense. He was thorough, demonstrating a clear understanding not only of my case but of the law. He explained my situatin to me clearly, citing both legislative and case law that had a bearing on my case. I had never been in court before, and he explained clearly what I could expect to see and hear in the courtroom.

He introduced himself to the prosecutor and he asked me to sit in the courtroom so that I could become familiar with the procedings and the judge. He was familiar with the judge and told me something of his credentials. All of this preparation helped me to feel more at ease in the courtroom and confident that my case would get a fair hearing.

I was impressed with his understanding of the law and thehow it would affect my case.

He had plans and backup plans to represent me.

In all, he was a great attorney.” – Charlie

“First of all, my driving record is in terrible shape, +14 points. Another speeding ticket would have resulted in a long time suspension of my license. I was also facing a Driving on Suspended, 3rd offense, carrying a mandatory 10 day jail sentence. Brian Geno was able to resolve my case without any additional points on my driving record. Brian knows all the judges and prosecutors in Fairfax and that put me in the best position to receive the most favorable outcome. I would recommend the Geno Law Firm to anyone.” – Kevin

“He was always candid in his assessment. The advice rendered was always sound and logical. And he willingly answered all questions and concerns regarding the legal aspects of the case.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“Mr. Geno was exceptionally helpful with the whole process. He seemed like he was extremely knowledgeable in the justice system and kept me informed and inclusive during the entire court process. Because of him, my case was dismissed in court. I would definitely recommend him for anyone with criminal court needs.” – A Criminal Defense Client

“My family and I moved from Europe to the U.S. in January of 2000 and had up to that point used a lawyer that we never met but was referred to us. This lawyer had started the process of getting us an L1A Visa with our goal of moving this toward a permanent residency and citizen-ship. After much frustration with things moving very slowly and some bad advise by the former lawyer which almost got us evicted from the U.S., we contacted Mr. Geno who was referred to us through a mutual friend and he got things back on track in just a few months! We found him and his staff being very knowledgeable and responsive. This year (2010) we will become citizens of the U.S.A!
We feel truly blessed to having found Mr. Geno and would recommend him to anyone who needs a good, honest, trustworthy lawyer.” – Mike

“Since my first interview with Mr. Geno, he made me feel confident and reassured regarding my case. He explained the legal process in a language I could understand, in a very down-to-earth manner, so that my fears were calmed. He gained my trust right away. I had made appointments with 2 other attorneys that day, but after talking with Mr. Geno I cancelled the other appointments. He made a good effort to communicate with me in Spanish, since my English is not very good, and that made a big difference. In the court he was very confident, and gave me good advice, explaining all my options, and possible outcomes. I felt that he represented me very well. I recommend Mr. Geno highly.” – A DUI Client

“I am ex-military and former law enforcement now working in filmmaking/media and leadership/terrorism arenas. As a former ten-year veteran police officer, I have known or encountered hundreds of lawyers. I have personally known Brian Geno since 1996 when I met him through actor/filmmaker circles. Over the years, I have had friends utilize his services for adoption, traffic citations, a DUI, general contracts, media-related contracts, and general legal information. I personally have used Brian Geno’s services when I incorporated my Leadership/Media & Counterterrorism Consulting LLC. Brian Geno currently serves as my corporate Registered Agent. In my many personal and professional dealings with Brian Geno he has consistently been above reproach in his conduct and ethics. I highly recommend Brian Geno and his law firm without reservation. Brian’s knowledge of the law is fascinating. He is a walking resource of legal information and references. He is engaging as a speaker in public and in a court of law. Brian is always prepared and detailed in his work. Beyond being a professional attorney, Brian is devoted to his family and active in the community. He volunteers to train teenagers interested in legal careers in moot court. He is a man of great common sense, integrity, character and compassion. These deep-rooted traits go back to his childhood years when he earned his standing as an Eagle Scout.” – Chuk