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What Are The Current Concealed Carry Laws In Virginia?

Virginia has a concealed carry law, which includes not only guns, but also other prohibited weapons. They are all contained in the Virginia Code at section 18.2-308.  They say that there are certain weapons that you just cannot have. Those weapons would include items such as Bowie knives, switchblades, nun-chucks and ballistic knives.

There are certain very specific ones that you just are not allowed to have. When it comes to guns, it says that you cannot carry a gun concealed, unless you fall under one of the exceptions, but you can carry it out in the open.  That is the essence of the concealed carry law as it relates to guns.

It Is Legal To Openly Carry A Gun In Virginia!

Yes. Not for every person. If you fall under one of the exceptions, you are allowed to carry your gun. For example, a person who is a convicted felon should not carry a gun obvious or concealed. You cannot carry an open and obvious gun while you are drinking, out in the open or concealed if you have a restraining order.

Those are the scenarios that are prohibited for the ordinary person.  It means you could put it on your hip and walk into the grocery store, the restaurant or walk down the mall, that kind of thing.

The Guidelines To Be Followed When Openly Carrying A Gun In Virginia

If you are going to openly carry, you should determine that it is legal for you to have one. If you have a felony conviction, are going to be drinking, you should not do it. If you are going to go on someone else’s property, you should know whether or not they have prohibited you from caring a gun.

There is also a ban on open carry guns on all schools, whether public or private.

The Age Limit for A Concealed Weapons Permit In Virginia

To carry concealed, you have to be at least 21 years old and you must have a permit for that. If you are a person and not a law enforcement, retired or other working for a private company, you need to have completed an application and then you must submit that application through the circuit court in the county you reside in. They then will do a background check on you and ultimately issue you a concealed carry card.

Anytime you carry a concealed weapon, you have to have that card with you.  That card will be for private records for any and all law enforcement. It will show that you have a permit to carry such a weapon.

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