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What Are Some Non-Standard Field Sobriety Tests?

Counting the alphabet backwards is not a standard field sobriety test; it is what is commonly called an unsanctioned field sobriety test because there is no scientific data to support the idea that such a test demonstrates intoxication, or proves that a person was drunk.

There are a number of unsanctioned field sobriety tests that are sometimes used, such as using a finger to touch the nose, or asking them to touch the thumb to the index finger, then the middle finger, then the pinky, all while counting or saying the alphabet. An alphabet test where they ask the person to count from C to T or from T back to C or that kind of thing would be considered a non-standard and unsanctioned test, because there has been no research into this, which means there is no reason to bring it up.

It would also be unsanctioned for one of the standard tests to be used without following the exact approved instructions, so if someone was asked to perform an approved tests but the officer gave it slightly differently because that was what they liked to do, it would have no real value, since there is no scientific data to support why that one worked if it was not standard.

What Are Some Other Strange Tests That Might Be Taken?

I once saw a YouTube video in which the person was asked to stand on one foot and sort of pirouette, and in another, officer asked the person to sing a song. Sometimes they may ask the person to pick up coins from the floor, or ask the person to get out of their car and walk to the police cruiser to see if they can keep their balance, while in some cases, the officer may just ask them to get out of the car and see if they have to lean on the car as they pull out the registration and driver’s license. If the person gets any of these even slightly wrong, the officer will try to claim it was a test and clean the person failed they don’t do it the way the officer thinks it should be done.

Is The Finger To The Nose Test A Standard Field Sobriety Test?

This finger to the nose test so commonly used that some courts might allow it even though it is considered an unsanctioned test, although the court would want to know what the exact instructions were in order to determine if the test was consistent with NHTSA standards. If it wasn’t, such a test can be defeated.

On Which Test Do People Tend To Mess Up?

People tend to have issues with either the Walk and Turn test or the preliminary breath test, which uses a little device that the person blows into; both of those tend to be the toughest. The preliminary breath test is a chemical test, and once they blow into it, the number that comes out could hurt them.

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