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What Are The Top Misconceptions About Concealed Carry Laws In Virginia?

For the general public, their common misconception is that you are not allowed to carry a concealed weapon if you are just anyone.  Law enforcement does not think that you should be allowed to have a gun in places where they are.  Those are misconceptions because under Virginia law, a person who has a concealed carry permit can go in almost any place unless they have been prohibited to do so by the owner of said property or have a criminal background.

They can carry a gun wherever. The misconception is that concealed is better than open. People are afraid of guns and so they think open is worse but that is not always the case, under the law. Another misconception is that you cannot use your gun and that is also incorrect.  A person is allowed under Virginia law to defend themselves, defend someone else or defend their property using their gun, even if their gun was concealed when they first drew it out.

Common Mistakes Committed Regarding Concealed Carry Laws

There are a number of laws, provisions within the law that a person has to abide by if they are going to have a concealed carry permit.  One of them is that they must have their concealed carry permit with them whenever they carry their gun. When a person has a gun, whether it is concealed or open, there are certain places that they cannot go. If a person has been drinking while they are carrying their gun that can be a violation of the law, which might result in charges against you. That applies not just for the person who is openly carrying or concealed carrying, but that also applies to law enforcement – you just do not mix alcohol with guns legally in the State of Virginia.

Another one would be that you cannot go into an open worship service and or school. Most obvious, cannot go into the courthouse with a gun, whether you have concealed permit. Just carrying a gun out in the open is not acceptable.  These are particular rules that you must abide by.  Another one is that when people travel with their guns and they cross state lines, you have to know what the laws are for that state because that state gets to restrict guns as it sees fit.  For example, in the Northern Virginia area, people may wind up driving across the DC line or Maryland and both of those jurisdictions have much more restrictive gun laws than the State of Virginia. Whereas North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, those are some states less restrictive.

If you need to take your gun out, unload it and put it in the case and lock the case because you just crossed the state line, best to prepare ahead of time. You may be charged with it. I have had clients before who have been convicted and charged. There may also be another concern and it completely deals not so much with the law but with the safe use of a weapon, so probably more important than knowing the laws, is to know how to safely use and store a weapon.

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