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How Should I Choose An Attorney For Reckless Driving Charges?

When searching for an attorney to represent you on a reckless driving charge, the first thing you should look for is whether the attorney is going to spend time talking to you and identifying what is important. You should be able to know, just by meeting and talking with a potential attorney, their level of commitment to help you.

The next consideration would be whether the attorney was professional and has the experience to handle your case. You want someone who is able to handle any surprises that might come up, and someone who is familiar with the personalities at the court house.

Your attorney should know how to handle evidentiary problems and most importantly, be able to defend his client where they needed it the most, in court.

The third factor to look for is whether this attorney would handle the case himself and if he is accessible. It would also be important for the attorney’s personal style to match that of his client.

A lot of clients end up coming back to my office because after interviewing with different law firms. They tell me that although I am not the cheapest, they returned because they felt good about what I said and felt that I cared about them. That’s important. They knew I could handle whatever came up, which really is my value proposition in the market here. I have seen just about every trick anyone could play on an attorney and on a defendant. I have handled them myself and I have thought up a few of myself.

I am an attorney that gives special value to my clients who are facing reckless driving charges.

It Would Be A Better Idea To Hire An Attorney Than Represent Oneself

Although everyone is entitled to handle their own case, this would not be recommended. A large part of a reckless driving case could simply be done better by someone who knew what they were doing.

An attorney will know how to handle everything. They have the education and training. They have learned the rules of evidence and the rules of criminal procedures, and would know the local rules. The attorney will know how to obtain documents from the prosecution and know how to defend their client when no one else can.

Furthermore, attorneys generally have relationships with the prosecution, police and sometimes with the Judge. On one occasion, a friend of mine got charged with driving on a suspended license but he did not want to hire an attorney because he did not want to spend the money. I asked him if he was okay and whether he needed any help but he said he had it covered.

I was not going to charge him anything but he thought that I might, so he said he would handle it himself. When we were leaving the court house, I asked him what happened and he told me they took his license for six months.

I knew he was in outside sales so this would have a devastating effect on him. I immediately went back to the clerk’s office and we appealed. I explained him what to do, but he still did not want to hire me so I was not able to go with him. After that case he had a big smile on his face because I had saved him from losing his driver’s license and in fact he won the case.

It is usually all just a matter of knowing what to do at the right time.

Experienced Attorneys Can Be Expensive, But It Would Be Well Worth It In The End

Even if you are not sure, it would not hurt to consult with an attorney. An attorney would often help the person find out exactly what benefits they may get, so they could determine whether or not it was worth it.

When weighing the benefits to the cost, the person would be able to decide whether it was worthwhile and they would know what they might lose or what they might gain.

Attorney Brian Geno Has Years Of Experience Handling Reckless Driving Cases

I have been handling reckless driving cases for almost 25 years. I started out in the District of Columbia and handled car cases such as reckless driving, although they were slightly different in the District of Columbia. I then started handling these cases almost immediately when I came to Virginia.

My first case as a solo practitioner in 1994 was for a reckless driving case. These cases have been an important part of my business. Reckless driving cases need to be handled in a way that reflects the experience that comes from a number of years of practice, which is actually my forte.

For more information on Hiring The Right Attorney For A Reckless Driving Case, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you’re seeking by calling (703) 691- 4366 today.